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1.低收入现状及原因剖析This phenomenon can easily be found anywhere in our daily life, especially on campus. On the one hand, many job-seekers are reluctant to take jobs that they consider to be humble and trivial, such as being a secretary or an assistant, because they have great ambitions and they only want to ride on the peak of success. What is amazing is that they are not conscious that ambition is to be achieved step by step. On the other hand, wanting to gain more but pay less, both the jobless and graduating students aspire to seek a job that is well-paid, relaxed and comfortable. This kind of “no work, all play” attitude toward life can be destructive to both personal and social development. We should not look down upon service industry, the third industry, because it does provide us with many employment opportunities and positions。2.解决问题低收入困境的建议Therefore, it is high time that we took effective measures to improve the current situation. For one thing, an education campaign should be launched to popularize the idea that “the longest journey starts with a single step” and to cultivate a down-to-earth attitude toward life. For another, the tendency of being lazy must be eradicated from the mind of the young. Only in this way can people realize their value of life better and can unemployment rate be reduced and thus can social harmony be achieved。二、低碳生活1.生活中不留意低碳环保This phenomenon can easily be found anywhere in our daily life. Many people are used to doing everything with the television on, not actually watching it at all. Such a habit can cause waste of much electricity and energy, and result in the emission of carbon. This deviates from the popular concept of “low carbon life” — to reduce the emission of carbon, especially carbon dioxide, to protect our environment and realize sustainable development. According to statistics, if we can decrease the time for having the television on by one hour each day, we can deduce the amount of carbon emission by 4. 71 kilogram each month。


2.倡导低碳,刻不容缓To serve as responsible stewards of the planet, we must promote and popularize a low carbon life among the public from every detail in our daily life. We must change the past practice of sacrificing long-term environmental health for short-term rapid economic development, and shift to developing green economy, circular economy and low carbon economy. All these effective measures can help us to reach harmony between development of the society and health of the nature。三、人生态度1.人生态度应当大力悲观the drawer intends to remind us of the importance of optimism. If the sheep in the cartoon feels anxious and pessimistic about the dark shade all day long, he can by no means have a comfortable and happy life. Examples like this are numerous, but I think the following one will be convincing enough. If there is half a cup of water, the pessimist may cry over it because they have only a half, while the optimist may cheer for it because they still have a half. Obviously, they will have different perceptions and feelings toward the same life。2.个人的人生态度能影响周围There is no denying that, most optimists have a high happiness index, which can hardly be experienced by pessimists. Therefore, we must read our life with a positive attitude. What’s more, the optimistic attitude can infect others strongly, meaning that we will find that all the friends around us are optimistic if we observe them in the same perspective. As a result, an atmosphere of optimism and happiness could be naturally set up.。